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Web Developer

I'm a Besançon based and bilingual self-taught TypeScript, C# fullstack web developer since 2020 with a professional background in data analysis. I care about creating maintainable web apps and tools providing the best user experience possible.

01. About Me

My journey in web development started back in 2019 when I tried to automate pictures renaming process using Python and command lines and when I became comfortable with using SQL queries, querying large databases of thousands of lines. As a Business Operations Analyst, the aspect of my job I was enjoying the most was to analyze data, find that little detail that would solve a problem. After I self taught most of the technical skills thanks to all the amazing resources available online, I decided to enroll in the Coding Bootcamp of the University of Toronto to hone those technical skills I acquired and also to give me the opportunity to practice my collaboration skills in a context of development using agile methodology. I completed the bootcamp in July 2021.

I also acquired 3 years of professional work experience in SaaS company as a front-end developer where I also put into practice both my back-end and front-end development skills. My role was to develop new features in collaboration with the UX/UI/Product team and to build reusable components in the Design system.

About myself... I'm an optimistic person who loves to learn new things, shares knowledge with my teammates. I would like to join a team and company where it is possible to grow as a person and as a developer.

In my free time, I love to discover new boardgames, escape games 🕵🏻‍♀️ and to go on a rock climbing or boulder sesh with my friends and family 🧗

Here are the technologies I've been working with:


Front-end frameworks/libraries




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